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It turns out milk's favorite cookie is everyone's favorite cookie. 
For too long, Oreo has told you to be generous with your cookies. Those days are finally over. Introducing Oreo Theft Prevention: the latest in snack security—arming you with everything you need to protect your cookies from sneaky snackers.

OTP’s CCTV feed goes directly to, so you can spot potential sneaky snackers from an aisle away. Scan the QR code to view the feed or report cookie criminals.

Select packs of Oreos will be protected by Oreo Theft Prevention. Scan the QR code to order your free OTP Snack Security System.
Didn't find a winning pack? Report a cookie criminal at for another chance to #secureyoursnacks.
Full transparency packaging is necessary if you’re leaving your snacks out in the open.
Foam disc shooter that's perfect for catching those cookie criminals in the act
This locked box will thwart even the sneakiest snacker. If they happen
to get past our defenses, CODE BLUE will be triggered
This discreet silicone sleeve allows you to stash a single Oreo for safekeeping.
This way, you’ll never be in danger of having the last oreo stolen from you.
Ward off any would-be pantry pirates by letting them know you’re under OTP’s protection


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